Christmas Planning

Friday, 25 November 2016  |  Sleeps

Are you ready yet for Christmas 2017?


I hear your startled response. Sorry to alarm you but time could be running out, because much of the beautiful nightwear on Sleep Pretty is made to order. So it means anyone planning designer nightwear as a gift needs to be aware of just how much time they should allow. This applies equally when purchasing for any specific date, such as a birthday or anniversary. 

So here is the plan:

Allow a minimum of 28 days for your order to be made.

Add shipping time to the 28 days. Typically one or two working days for UK orders, about 5 to 7 days for European orders or 7 to 12 days for the rest of the world. All our international orders are sent Airmail* 

Add shipping time to manufacturing time and count the days back from Christmas and you have your last shopping day for designer nightwear Christmas gifts this year.

Here's an example for an international customer (outside Europe) :

28 + 12 = 40 days. So if you are reading this and count up the days to Christmas and find there are less than 40 then it is too late to order a luxury nightdress for Christmas. 

Of course there is more time for anyone in Europe and the UK but why put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Sort out the shopping early and avoid the stress of panic buying at the last minute. 

*We ship everything by Royal Mail so if you follow this link you will see there recommendations for last posting dates.