Size Matters

Saturday, 2 July 2016  |  Pretty

As the title of this blog states "size matters" and in some ways this is even more important when buying something that is made to measure. You might wonder why this is so? Let me explain: 

Made to measure garments including the bespoke nightwear sold on Sleep Pretty are not eligible for return because they have been made to the customer specifications. So this is why it is more important to get the size right when buying a bespoke garment. You can't return it and get your money back! So getting it wrong can be a disaster, especially as bespoke garments are generally more expensive that off the shelf styles. Of course it might not be a total disaster - if you over estimated the measurements and the garment is too big then it can be altered and most times this will be done free of charge. But if you have provided a bust, hip, height or waist that is too small then there is nothing that can be done.

Not being able to return an expensive garment that does not fit may seem to be the worst possible outcome of making a mistake on size but there are other outcomes on standard size product that are almost as bad, if not worse. They range from missing out on the last of a style in the correct size, not having the garment in time for the special event for which it was wanted to causing offence by presenting a gift that is too big for the wearer. Women can be very sensitive about body image and certainly do not like to be considered bigger than they really are!

Then there is the same problem viewed from the retailer side. When an item is returned there is a cost. First there is the administration cost of checking that the garment is in a condition for resale and although stock damaged beyond hope can be written off against tax there is the lost opportunity cost of reselling that garment while it is being restocked. Exchanges are mostly sent out free of charge - that is the procedure for Sleep Pretty - so there is additional post and packaging costs to account for.

In short a return is expensive for a retailer - and since retailers are in business to make a profit who do you think actually pays that cost? The customers of course. Every single one of the customers - those who order the correct size and never return items and also those customers who can't be bothered to check their size and order correctly, but instead order multiple products and then return the ones that do not fit. Each and everyone of them is paying the additional costs of incorrect ordering, returns and exchanges.

Nearly all online stores provide size information and if they don't you can usually find another selling the same product that has taken the time to give you the data you need - so don't ignore it. Check your measurements, check the onsite information before placing your order so you have the right size first time. It will be a much more satisfying purchase and just possibly, if enough shoppers take size seriously and check before they order, all the costs both financial and emotional will become less.