Sleep Pretty Goes Total HTTPS

Saturday, 14 May 2016  |  Admin

If this is your first visit to Sleep-Pretty-Nightwear then you won't be able to spot the difference but we thought it was a good moment to draw everyone's attention (regular customers and new visitors alike) to our new total https status. 

We have had https on the most safety criticals pages for some time. The check out. Plus we use a safe and secure off site payment method to protect your privacy even more, but in line with the trend to increase security for online activities we are now total https.

In most browsers total https is confirmed by the green padlock in the url bar, which you will see on any page of Sleep-Pretty. This means that data is SSL encrypted from the first to the last page of your visit giving you complete security.

Just one small change but an important one in terms of safe on line shopping.