Top Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Friday, 16 October 2015  |  Pretty

Bad sleeping patterns can cause serious problems. It can make you bad tempered and unable to concentrate properly, but it can also affect your health adversely. So if you want to feel bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning read the following useful tips on sleeping well

  • Create the right environment
    • Make your bedroom a haven of tranquility. An uncluttered and restful space where you can forget the stresses of life and just relax.
    • Use the best bed linen you can afford and make sure that your bed is freshly made with smooth sheets and softly plumped up pillows. 
    • If your bedroom window faces onto a street where there are bright lights or passing traffic be sure to have curtains that can black out the light.
    • Lavender and other natural products such as hops can be used to help you relax. The perfume of these plants have been shown in studies to cause a slowing in the heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure. Perhaps the easiest way to use a natural sleep remedy is to place a little lavender pillow inside your pillowcase so that the perfume can waft over you as you rest.
  • Prepare your body for sleep
    • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol in the last few hours before bedtime. It is well known that caffeine will prevent sleep but because alcohol can make a person sleepy it is sometimes used before bedtime with the aim to help sleep which is unfortunately quite wrong. Alcohol may well help you fall asleep but because it will disturb your digestive system during the night it will also prevent you achieving a deep and healthy full night's sleep.
    • Avoid screen time before bedtime. The back light on a pc or laptop can affect the brain making it harder to sleep.
    • Avoid food in the last few hours before bedtime so that your digestive system is not put under stress while you sleep.
    • Two hours before bedtime have a soak in a hot bath. Apart from being relaxing in itself a hot bath lifts your body temperature by about two degrees and then the fast drop of temperature afterwards has been shown to help a person to fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deep and satisfying sleep.
  • Wear the right night clothes 
    • Natural fibres are really best. Cotton, silk or linen are all organic fabrics which allow your skin to breath. Cotton is particularly good for people who find themselves overheating in bed and silk is so soft and light you will hardly know you are wearing it.
    • Choose the sort of nightwear you are most comfortable wearing. You might like to where something glamorous to bed or more likely wear some comfortable pyjamas. The good news is if you shop for pyjamas at Sleep Pretty you can have both glamour and comfort.
    • Wear bed socks - if your feet are cold in bed you will find it difficult to get to sleep. Warm tootsies ensure a fast drop off and a good long sleep.

Creating the right environment, preparing yourself with a regular routine and wearing the best sleep inducing nightwear will go a long way to ensuring you enjoy the sleep you deserve and need. If you have any good sleep tips why not share them with us in the comments below.