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Silk Negligees, Satin Dressing Gowns & Fleece Bath Robes

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Flowing Full Length Chiffon Negligee Jane Woolrich Design 1683

Flowing Full Length Chiffon Negligee Jane Woolrich Design 1683£658.00

Flowing chiffon with lace trim.

Isabella - Red Silk Jacket

Isabella - Red Silk Jacket£242.00

Ivory Silk Robe Nina by Diki Lingerie

Ivory Silk Robe Nina by Diki Lingerie£226.00

Purple Silk Jacket- Alicia by Diki

Purple Silk Jacket- Alicia by Diki£226.00

Pink Lace Robe - Paradis

Pink Lace Robe - Paradis£199.00

Sienna - White Lace Jacket

Sienna - White Lace Jacket£180.00

Pointed cuffs and scallop edge lace jacket

Snuggly Pink Bathrobe

Snuggly Pink Bathrobe£69.99

Short Dressing Gown Irall Aria

Short Dressing Gown Irall Aria£39.99

Red Italian polyester satin

Short Hooded Bathrobe

Short Hooded Bathrobe£24.99   £19.99


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

One of the most comforting of things is to step from a hot bath into a warm soft fleece robe. The quality of the fleece makes all the difference. Buy a cheap fleece bathrobe and within two or three washes it will be harsh to wear no matter how much fabric softener you use in the wash. In this section we have some gorgeous high quality robes made by Coemi, a leading nightwear manufacturer from Europe. They are made in the EU and designed to look attractive as well as to be comfortable. The Coemi bathrobes are made from very soft fabric that will be a delight to snuggle into. We also have one budget end robe which is the best quality for the price that we could find to offer to you.

You may be looking for something glamorous and romantic, possibly for honeymoon wear and you will find plenty of choice in this section. Top designers from the UK Jane Woolrich and Diane Rubach (the talent behind Diki) and from France, the beautiful styles of Liliana Casanova. These garments are made to measure and take between 21 and 28 days on average to be cut, sewn and sent out to you. So please please placei your orde well ahead of the date you need it for.

Naturally, the designer garments cost a lot. You are paying for the high quality organic fabrics, the luxury of made to measure and the attention to detail of an individual seamstress. If your budget does not stretch to the luxury real silk designer nightwear you can still have a something glamorous to wrap yourself in. Irall offer a number of satin dressing gowns to match their nightdresses and pyjamas, which is perfect if you are shopping for a gift. The Irall and the Coemi products will normally despatch within 24 hours if not on the same day of order.