Product Care

It does not matter whether you are spending £10 or £100 on a garment neither will last very long if you don't look after it.

Many of the products we sell come with washing instructions on the label and we strongly advise you read these and follow them to lengthen the time your garment lasts and looks good.

Most of the designer label garments we sell are manufactured in silk or a combination of silk and lace. While you may sometimes be told it is best to dry clean silk we would suggest that gentle hand washing is the preferred option. This is because no harmful chemicals are used.  

Silk Garment Washing Instructions.

Always hand wash. Just as if you were washing a baby make sure that the water is only warm and not scolding hot. Use a mild soap. Do not under any circumstances use a detergent based washing powder or liquid. Gently wash the garment taking particular care not to pull at or stretch any delicate lace detailing. Rinse in warm water. In the last but one rinse add some white vinegar to the rinse water to neutralize the soap before giving the garment a final rinse in clear warm water. Towel dry to remove excess moisture then, if possible, dry flat. Always air dry.