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Womens Pyjamas and Night Shirts in a Choice of Fabrics and Styles

Practical & Pretty Sleepwear

The women's pyjamas are sorted here by fabric type to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. The first section contains pure cotton, both knitted and woven plus man made and mixed fibres. Although polyester satin is a man made fabric we have given it a section all of its own because generally polyester satin nightwear is glamorous and stylish and distinctly different to other man made fibre nightwear. Lastly we have a section dedicated to real silk. This section is the luxury section - more of that later.

All the garments are sourced from European or UK suppliers and also include some luxurious high end designer garments, all of which are made to order using the measurements you provide during check out.

In the cotton and mixed fibre collection you will find pure cotton pjs which are super comfortable to sleep in and will allow your skin to breathe. There are also others that are made of easy care man-made fabrics including cotton/viscose mix. Affordable and practical, this is nightwear to be snug and warm to sleep in when the winter winds blow.

In the satin collection you will find some really pretty nightwear including some Jane Woolrich designs which are made in polyester satin as an alternative to the more costly silk. The Jane Woolrich garments are made to measure so you will need to order early if you are buying for a specific date. You will also find some very pretty styles from the European brand Irall. Irall is based in Poland and all their garments are made in the EU using the best polyester satin and fine lace. The secret to the quality of the Irall garments is their use of modern technology combined with traditional skills and fine fabrics. They represent very high quality at affordable prices.

Lastly we have the real silk options. Currently these are all designer label and mostly very glamorous and feminine. The designer label garments are made to measure and can take up to 28 days to be cut, sewn and despatched to you, So please allow plenty of time when placing an order for one of these garments. We will request the necessary measurements when you check out your order. Luxury bespoke garments such as these are outside the returns policy so please be sure to provide the correct measurements with your order.

The brands and designer labels include: Coemi - a Polish company who have an established name for creating luxurious sleepwear in satin, cotton and man-made practical fibres such as micromodal. Then there is Irall, another Polish brand of undoubted quality, offering practical and pretty sleepwear and glamorous satin options. Our designers are UK based and are Jane Woolrich and Diki. Both these labels are made to measure - excellent news for anyone who has difficulty finding comfortable or luxurious nightwear to fit properly.

How the different fabrics can affect your comfort in bed.

Often we go for man-made fibre in our nightwear because it is so easy to care for and may also be less costly than more natural fabrics. But it is worth considering how important a comfortable and good night's sleep is to you. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from heat in the night then you should seriously consider binning man made fibre nightwear and wearing only natural fabrics like cotton and silk. 

Natural fabrics like cotton and silk allow your skin to breath and help your body regulate its own temperature, while the hypoallergenic properties of silk are perfect for sensitive skin.